Use of cookies

Use of cookies

Using cookies, Citadele processes data on how the website is used in order to ensure the effectiveness and security of our website and online services, make it easier for you to use, and, by taking into account your habits, to find out what content and services are important to you. This helps Citadele to improve our website and the services we provide, as well as to show you information that interests you on social media, mobile apps and other websites. You can change the settings for cookies, apart from the strictly necessary cookies, by ticking the relevant box to agree to the use of those cookies. You can undo this at any time if you want Citadele to stop using these cookies. More information on the cookies used on our website can be found in the Cookie Terms and Conditions and the cookie descriptions

Functional cookies

The cookies we need to ensure that our website is secure, and so that you can use the website and log in. You cannot change these settings, because they are necessary for the website to work.

Additional cookies

Statistical cookies

These cookies collect information on how you use the site, for example, what pages you visit, how quickly the page loads, what links you have used and whether they link to a functioning website.

Analytics Cookies

These cookies help us understand your actions and receive feedback using tools such as heatmaps, session recordings and surveys.

Marketing Cookies

Cookies which are used to evaluate advertisement effectiveness and offer you relevant advertisements.

We use Google Tag Manager to provide your chosen cookies.

How to clear your cookies in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

Notification on Cookie Use
On our website, we use our own and third-party cookies. Essential cookies, which help us run and secure the website, do not need your consent. For the use of statistics, analytics and marketing cookie, we need your consent in order to provide more convenient website and online service usage, and offer you relevant content and services depending on your usage habits. You can agree to this us of cookies by clicking Agree, and you can cancel or adapt this at any time using the following link: Cookie Settings. Find out more: Cookie Terms and Conditions.